you can forget about the $39,900 model promised by Elon Musk

Elon Musk and his untenable promises have struck again: the entrepreneur took advantage of his last meeting with his shareholders to announce bad news about the Cybertruck: there will be no “accessible” version at 39,900 dollars as Elon Musk was washing yet promised in 2019. In addition, the technical sheet of the vehicles will be different from what was announced.

The entrepreneur explains that Tesla stumbled on “various problems” who won in the three years following the announcement. In particular inflation which has significantly increased manufacturing costs: “I believe we could not have anticipated the extent of inflation we have seen”announced Elon Musk.

Tesla drops Cybertruck at $39,900

“I hate to give some bad news”continues the entrepreneur before describing the Cybertruck as “an insane product” and an “damn nice machine”. Originally Elon Musk spoke of three variants of Cybertruck:

  • $39,900 “single motor” Cybertruck with a range of 400 km
  • $49,900 “dual motor” cybertruck with a range of 480 km
  • $69,900 “triple motor” Cybertryck with 800km range

Elon Musk also revealed that Tesla is currently “installing production equipment, tooling with a view to starting everything in the next two months” to manufacture the first Cybertrucks which will be delivered in priority to those who have paid a reservation at $99.

In this regard, Elon Musk suggests that deliveries could be delayed by another year. The contractor is for the rest very evasive. We do not know if the price of the other variants is also revised upwards. Nor even if there are still really three models of Cybertruck.

The final technical sheet of the Cybertrucks also remains a big question mark. The model presented in 2019 seemed impossible to homologate in many countries due to choices such as the absence of side mirrors, or the bodywork which also acts as a frame.

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On the contrary, the body of all current cars is designed to deform in such a way as to absorb shocks in the event of an accident.

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