Woman Says She Caught STI in Her Car, Insurance Owes Her $5.2 Million

In the series “Incredible but true”… The Missouri Court of Appeals (United States) has indicated that an automobile insurance company must pay the modest sum of 5.2 million dollars to one of its customers , who claimed to have involuntarily caught a sexually transmitted infection (STI) in a car insured by the company in question.

The website Yahoo News (Source 1), which relays the information, specifies that a panel of three judges of the Missouri Court concluded that a judgment rendered against the General Insurance Company (GEICO), through an earlier arbitration proceeding, was beautiful. and quite valid. The company in question had appealed the court decision, citing legal errors.

The woman had reported contracting human papillomavirus (HPV), contracted during unprotected sex that took place in a GEICO-insured vehicle. The man would have knowingly infected him, because he knew he was carrying the virus and had nevertheless opted for an unprotected relationship. He was thus convicted for not disclosing his HIV status, and his company was then ordered to pay 5.2 million dollars to the plaintiff.

The three-judge panel hearing the case found the court did not err in denying the company’s motions, saying GEICO had no right to “challenge these matters.” once the damages had been determined and a judgment had been…

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