William Shatner slams Elon Musk in ‘Daily Show’ segment

Looks like William Shatner isn’t Elon Musk’s biggest fan.

The 91-year-old ‘Star Trek’ alum ripped into the Tesla exec, 51, during a recent episode of ‘The Daily Show’ segment ‘Dailyshowography’, calling him a ‘supervillain’ and a ‘dude boring”.

“He’s part Thomas Edison, part Iron Man, part boring guy in group chat, and he’s anything but your standard CEO,” Shatner said.

Shatner lambasted Musk in a recent “Daily Show” segment, jokingly recounting a biography about the tech billionaire.
The Daily Show with Trevor Noah

“[Musk is] a supervillain,” added the Canadian actor. “Yes, it’s Technoking – joking. And soon, we’ll all be his serfs, but in a funny way.

Shatner continued to poke fun at the SpaceX boss during the show’s political satire segment, describing Musk’s youth as a young child who “overcame many hardships, although unlike other South African celebrities, he did not make his childhood a whole”.

“Like so many tech entrepreneurs, he earned his unimaginable wealth by doing something invaluable to society,” the ‘Miss Congeniality 2’ star said. “Selling a startup you’ve never heard of to a company that no longer exists.”

He then teased Musk for having a “midlife crisis” during his twenties and crashing his “supercar,” around the time he started his own label to release EDM music.

“A banger all the more impressive considering that Musk had clearly never heard music before,” he said. “Yes, Elon Musk refuses to stay in his lane, much like a Tesla on autopilot.”

Shatner concluded the segment with a pointed examination of how the SpaceX founder used Twitter to make the world a “better place” without doing anything of substance.

The ‘Star Trek’ actor didn’t hold back with his scathing comment about Musk.
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“And when a Thai soccer team got stuck in a cave, Elon even promised to save those kids…from the guy who saved them!” Shatner joked. “That’s why Musk is such a champion of free speech. If you can’t randomly accuse someone who saves lives of being a “pedo,” does civil discourse even exist?”

The billionaire joked earlier this week on Twitter, saying he was planning to buy Manchester United Football Club, the UK-based football organization.

“Furthermore, I buy Manchester United your welcome”, Musk job Tuesday, later clarifying his comment in a follow-up Tweeter: “No, it’s a long time joke on Twitter. I don’t buy any sports teams.

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