will you be covered by your home insurance?

Power outages are possible this winter to ease the strain on the power grid, but what if your fridge or latest games console burns out? The network manager can compensate you, but you must always contact your insurance company first.

Power outages may occur this winter, in case of extreme cold, public authorities say. These also encourage regular checking of the EcoWatt river forecast to adjust consumption and promote eco-movements. On Saturday nothing to fear in France, but the cold continues and the risk of cuts, targets locally and over time, with it.

These target cuts would last two consecutive hours maximum in parts of the department. In that case, the households in question will be notified the day before. The slots 8.00 to 13.00 and 18.00 to 20.00 are mainly overused. Problems, power outages and outages may damage electronic devices or appliances in your home.

Although no financial compensation is provided in the event of a power outage, the possibility of damages is not overlooked by the public authorities and the organizations concerned. For example, it is easy to shut down an elevator for two hours, but the shutdown is too long to easily put it back into use. Technician intervention will likely be required and some users will be penalized.

Does my home insurance cover me?

But what if disaster strikes in your home? Enedis, the network administrator, specifies first of all that it is legally obliged to implement these localized cut-off measures. (…) This falls under the category of extraordinary events and does not give rise to compensation. But if any of your electrical equipment is damaged, he says, the procedure is contact your insurance company as soon as possible which will itself take steps against Enedis to determine its possible liability.

What does the home insurance agreement contain? It all depends on the contract entered into, but coverage in the event of electrical damage is often optional, such as a trip by a professional for repair. Also, this option is only valid for the latest devices (5 years).

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As part of the procedures to be carried out with the insurance company, it is advisable to take a picture the damage it caused and do not throw useless goods.

What options are offered?

In the event of damage resulting from a power cut, two guarantees with the protection formula in our housing contract can be brought into play: the effect of electricity and lightning guarantee and the guarantees for the loss of the contents of the freezers, explains Macif MoneyVox. In the first case, where the damage is rather caused by the overvoltage associated with the transmission of the current, it is always possible to complain to the network manager to seek his responsibility. With regard to the contents of the freezers, a cut of two hours will not result in the loss of the contents. Note that these two options are not offered in the mutualist’s financial formula.

Macif also advises its customers, when the power cut alarm is given, to postpone or limit their trips and aware of the risk of fire using candles.

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