Will insurance rates go up?


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The proliferation of climatic hazards could well lead to an increase in the prices of car and home insurance. Bercy decided to receive representatives of the sector on Thursday June 23 to ask them to make an effort and preserve the purchasing power of the French.

His car bears the traces of the night of Tuesday June 21 to Wednesday June 22, at Saint-Leger-le-Petit (Cher). The bodywork was hit hard by the hailstorm. The resident had bought his vehicle a month ago. He now hopes to be able to count on his insurer. According to insurers, this damage is increasingly expensive to cover. Over the past ten years, prices have skyrocketed.

“The housing premiums, in 2012, amounted to 218 euros. In 2022, they amount to an average of 270 euros, an increase of around 25% over ten years”Explain Delphine Bardou, deputy general manager of Réassurez-moi. In question, in particular, floods, droughts and storms which are more and more frequent. And this should intensify and increase the bill for insurance. It was 74 billion euros between 1989 and 2019. This amount should almost double in the next 30 years. According to Raphaël Vullierme, CEO of LUKO, in certain regions that are more sensitive to climatic hazards, some insurers could refuse to cover the risks or charge prohibitive prices. Thursday, May 23, the Ministry of the Economy will receive the insurers. The objective is to preserve the purchasing power of the French by trying to limit the rise in prices

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