Why start online trading?

In the past, it was necessary to go through a stockbroker to carry out stock market transactions, which could cause a lot of trouble. Today with online brokerage sites, called online trading or brokers, there is no longer a need for a middleman, the investor trades directly. The primary interest in online trading is thus being able to speculate directly, from your computer, tablet or a secure mobile application, on assets, values ‚Äč‚Äčthat are present in the financial markets.

The other interest in online trading is of course to make money either by speculating (short-term buying and selling of securities, for example, also called daytrading), or by investing in the medium term, by buying in a downtrend. and by reselling during a bull run (uptrend) like what is happening right now with an increase in the opening of Bitcoin portfolios (wholecoiners). Investors take advantage of the decline in this crypto asset to buy, betting on a rise in the coming months.


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