Who is Liz Cheney, the elected Republican who dares to criticize and confront Donald Trump?

Liz Cheney delivered a sharp plea on Thursday, June 9, on the responsibility of Donald Trump in the assault on the Capitol. The elected Republican, who alerted her colleagues to the “dishonor” they risked by supporting the former American president, took the lead in a fierce but very lonely battle against the billionaire.

At 55, the one who co-chairs the parliamentary commission investigating the events of January 6, 2021 has marked the spirits with her very harsh words addressed to the conservatives who continue to blindly follow Donald Trump. “I say this to my fellow Republicans who stand for the indefensible,” she said. “The day will come when Donald Trump leaves, but your dishonor will remain. »

A lonely battle against Trump

“In our country, we do not take an oath to an individual or to a political party,” added the parliamentarian. But Liz Cheney is very much alone: ​​a year and a half after being ousted from power, Trump retains an iron grip on the Republican Party, which recently called the assault on the Capitol “legitimate political expression” and sanctioned the elected official. for his participation in the survey.

“Members of the conservative elite who still have some form of lucidity know that Liz Cheney is right,” Republican commentator Bill Kristol judged on Twitter on Friday. “But they can’t take a stand against the new establishment. […] which they desperately want to be a part of. »

A bumpy ride

Liz Cheney, a time anti-marriage for all despite a lesbian sister, has however denied nothing of her very conservative positions, especially on the economic level. Coming from a family with a long political past, she is the daughter of Dick Cheney, elected from Wyoming who became Minister of Defense for George HW Bush, then Vice-President for George W. Bush.

A law graduate, she joined the International Financial Corporation bank before occupying several positions at the State Department, particularly in the Middle East. This mother of five children had tried her luck for a seat in the Senate in 2014, before taking her father’s seat in the House in 2016, where she also represents Wyoming.

In February 2021, the local branch of the Republican Party called for the resignation of Liz Cheney after she found Trump “guilty” following his second impeachment trial, following the storming of the Capitol. Since then, the chosen one has limited her appearances in this state to a strict minimum, even though she is a candidate for re-election there.

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