Who is Jean-Noël Barrot, the new minister in charge of digital?

Figure of the modem, Jean-Noël Barot will be the new Minister Delegate for Digital Affairs of the second Borne government, reshuffled after the legislative elections. This deputy is committed to the revival of territories and investment in small businesses, but little is known about his proposals for digital.

The new Borne government will have its Minister Delegate for Digital Affairs. Jean-Noël Barot, Modem MP for Yvelines, was chosen on July 4 to lead the policies of territorial transformation and development of the tech sector during this mandate, according to BFMTV information. No replacement for Cédric O was first named after the inauguration of Emmanuel Macron, the president preferred to wait for the result of the legislative elections to decide without risk. The party having won a relative majority, Emmanuel Macron must also rebalance the positions in the government according to the forces composing the new parliamentary group.

Figure of the modem in the Yvelines, Jean-Noël Barrot was elected MP for the second time in this department on the outskirts of Paris on June 19th. This economist by training teaches corporate finance at HEC Paris, after a stint at the prestigious MIT in the United States. He is also a laureate of the program Young Leaders from the French-American Foundation in 2020. Note that in his family, we are a deputy from father to son since his father, as well as his grandfather, resistant during the Second World War, were elected to the National Assembly.

Jean-Noël Barrot distinguished himself with the government during his first term with a report submitted in September 2021 to the Prime Minister and for which he identified the territories most affected by the economic crisis during the Covid period. His work has highlighted the departments most affected, but also those which have benefited from an exodus of urban populations since the pandemic.

The Yvelines deputy came to present his plan during the entrepreneurs in September 2021. Source: Medef

A commitment to small businesses

Over the past five years, it has above all been involved in reviving “fragile” territories, whether rural or on the outskirts of large conurbations, by proposing various solutions for investment and attraction dynamics, particularly in the framework of the Action Plan for Business Growth and Transformation (PACT). These proposals allowed him to be appointed in charge of relations with companies during Emmanuel Macron’s campaign. According to Actu.fr, he regularly intervenes in his department in social housing plans.

Digital in all this? Little trace of a global political project for the sector over the past five years, apart from investment in the departments in crisis. Whether Jean-Noël Barrot is not abandoning his commitments to this new position, it is assumed that he will drive a digital transformation in the territories, out of step in uses and means with the large agglomerations. His work on SMEs will also be an opportunity to bring more clarity to startups after the euphoria of French Tech during the first years of the Macron period.

Nevertheless, during the Vivatech show last June, the president declared that he had a lot of ambition for this sector and hoped to reach 100 unicorns by 2030 on French soil. Cooperation with companies and the administration to accelerate the digitization of public institutions as well as learning to code in college were also mentioned during this intervention. A whole project for the new minister.

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