Who can control cryptocurrencies?

The fall in bitcoin’s price, which followed what some have seen fit to dub the “crypto-crash”, has led some specialist companies in the United States to initiate layoffs and “stop the music” as investors put it. ‘Across the Atlantic. Rising interest rates demonstrated in part that this crypto market was not as isolated from the rest of financial assets as cryptocurrency companies and platforms seemed to say.

For the promoters of this type of transaction, the crisis in Europe is coupled with a desire on the part of the ECB and European parliamentarians to better regulate their use. The proposed MICA and TFR regulations which aim to regulate crypto businesses and to request the end of the anonymity of transactions are giving rise to vigorous exchanges which we may hear about this evening.

For this discussion, Emmanuel Laurentin receives Claire Balvablockchain and crypto director at KPMG France, Aurore LalucqMember of the European Parliament for the Group of the Progressive Alliance of Socialists and Democrats (in France: Place Publique) and Eric Monetdirector of studies at EHESS, professor at the Paris School of Economics and winner of the 2022 Best Young Economist Award.

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