When technology meets archeology

The 10th edition of the Departmental Days of Archeology are still taking place all weekend. They are an opportunity to discover how new technologies are increasingly used both in research and in representations.

The 10th edition of the Departmental Archeology Days highlighted the very ancient heritage of the Puy-de-Dôme department with a program of visits and events provided (see the full program by clicking here). Beyond the remains, old stones and “material” that archaeologists update regularly, it should be noted that this scientific discipline increasingly uses digital technology. New prospecting and analysis techniques make it possible to refine old methods and sometimes upset certain achievements. The public also benefits from all the advances since 3D and artificial intelligence now allow reconstructions that are more real than life.

Corent, César and Gergovie

The departmental days are an opportunity to rediscover the Corent site with the technique of augmented reality. The app Puy-de-Dôme land of archeology has just been supplemented with a section on this well-known site for its riches. During the weekend, demonstrations and loans of digital tablets will allow the discovery of the application and its new multimedia content (audioguides, 3D visuals, videos).
At the Musée de Gergovie, the “entrance door” to the new temporary exhibition Caesar in Gergovie is a hologram featuring two disturbingly truthful representations of the Roman leader made from two busts and a large amount of information processed by artificial intelligence. The exhibition also presents a documentary film mixing current images of the Gergovie plateau and synthetic images of the facilities present at the time. The end result is spectacular, thanks to recent technological developments.

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