When Elon Musk imagines beating Vladimir Putin in MMA

MMA – Elon Musk reveals his strategy to defeat Vladimir Putin in an MMA fight.

Extremely active on his social networks, Elon Musk is very often at the heart of the news. Accustomed to making headlines, the billionaire does not hesitate to take sides for the causes that are close to his heart. Backing Ukraine, Musk challenged Russian President Vladimir Putin. Indeed, the American jokingly offered the Russian head of state to face him in a duel in MMA.

Elon Musk vs. Vladimir Poutine :

In a podcast, the American says: I challenge Vladimir Putin to face me. In MMA. Listen, this will be a pay-per-view. It will be an interesting question because he is good at martial arts and quite strong. You’ve seen the pictures of him on a horse…I have a weight advantage…I think I’m 30% taller than him. I’m going to use a move called the walrus, where I lay on top of him. It will then be impossible for him to escape. “.


A duel that pleases the fans:

The clash between the two men will probably not take place, but Musk’s statement has caused a lot of reaction from Internet users. So much so that some have started putting up ribs. Although he is confident in his ” morse code “, Elon Musk is announced loser in an MMA duel with the Russian president.

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