What’s happening in the deeptech world right now?

In the sense that they can have a lasting impact on our society, innovations resulting from “deeptech” (disruptive technologies in French) attract our full attention. What should we know about them? What are the latest trends in this area? We take stock.

Deeptech: what is it?

The term “deeptech” includes everyone groundbreaking innovations, that is, which revolutionizes our habits. These can relate to many areas, from global warming to the fight against cancer, via robotics, biology or even artificial intelligence. Projects and the resulting innovations generally require a long research and development (R&D) phase.

Several decades ago, only large corporations had enough funds and resources to take an interest in “deeptech”. From now on, start-ups are also mobilizing to face tomorrow’s challenges by offering products capable of transforming our lifestyles in a sustainable way.

“Deeptech”: zoom in on Bpifrance’s investment

The Generation Deeptech plan

To help them emerge and become key players in innovation, Bpifrance launched the Banque Publique d’Investissement in early 2019 Generation Deeptech plan, accompanied by a dedicated support and financing system that takes into account the special conditions of this type of project. The latter aims to double the number of “deeptech” start-ups by 2023 and to make France the world leader in this field. Various projects are currently being supported by the corporate finance and development body, including more efficient satellites, natural biostimulants and herbicides, robot attendants, personal voice assistance devices using artificial intelligence…

Deeptech Tour

As an extension of this plan, Bpifrance has even launched a national tour of campuses Deeptech Tower, to make students, PhD students, researchers and laboratories aware of the creation of start-ups that bring breakthrough innovation and have a strong societal impact. A dedicated platform has also been created, which aims to complement existing awareness mechanisms and facilitate the journey for researchers and project managers in the sector.

News from the deeptech world

As a part of France 2030 programme, the funds allocated to “deeptech” should be strengthened. As a reminder, this plan aims to develop industrial competitiveness and future technologies with 34 billion. As for him Startups and industrial SMEs plan must mobilize, between 2022 and 2026, €2.3 billion through aid, loan and investment schemes throughout the life of startups to enable them to industrialize their breakthrough innovations and ultimately create 100 industrial sites per year. At the same time, “deeptech” startups in health and “greentech” (environmental technology in French) will benefit from more synergies through the climate plan and La French Care, the movement of health actors.

Faced with the growing shortage of skilled labor in the sector, the European Union (EU) intends to train 1 million Europeans in “deeptech” by 2025. In any case, this is what the European Institute of Innovation and Technology ( EIT ) revealed in October 2022. The Deep Tech Talent Initiative was launched for this purpose with the aim of making the EU a true center of excellence in innovation and technology. European citizens who join the program will be able to benefit from training in all cutting-edge and disruptive technologies: from “blockchain” to quantum computers and robotics.

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