What is the best electric scooter to buy in 2022?

100% electric scooters are multiplying in France and are of increasing interest, especially in cities that will soon charge for parking thermals. In our Vroom section, the Numerama editorial team tests as many models as possible to report to you, independently, the best models and market developments. Discover our selection, which varies according to price, range, speed and driving pleasure.

I’m thinking of buying an electric scooter “: here is one of the phrases that we now hear the most in the editorial staff of Vroom, when talking to consumers. Rising fuel prices, paid parking for thermal two-wheelers, ecological awareness, fed up with public transport, desire for silence… the reasons given are multiple. And the questions too. Price, range, speed, maneuverability; future owners have many questions about these products which, although they work more easily, are less known can raise some fears.

In 2022, the offer is both diversified and always very changing: there are both small models with long autonomy (in particular thanks to two batteries) and more imposing two-wheelers which rely on very heavy batteries, or even a charging only by an earthed socket. On the other hand, manufacturers also release models that do not last over time, and each year we see brands disappear, almost as quickly as they appeared.

The Silence S01 is one of the references in 2022 // Source: Louise Audry for Numerama

How to choose the right electric scooter?

To choose the electric scooter that suits you, we advise you to take a good look at the pricethe speed of the gear and theautonomy drums. Depending on the power of the engine and the batteries, the government bonuses will also vary. In addition, we remind you that it is possible to ask to test the vehicles before purchase: do not hesitate to contact the dealers. It is always recommended to choose an outlet that has a garage or works with authorized repairers.

Also keep in mind that an electric two-wheeler must meet your needs: an expensive model, but with little autonomy, may be less relevant than a less expensive and more solid version over time. We also have a guide to the best 125 equivalent electric scooters, and a guide to the 50 equivalent scooters.

Finally, it must be admitted: for the moment, the market is dominated by Chinese models, which do not all have the same finishing qualities. Don’t be fooled by ‘German origins’ or ‘French brands’: most of the time these are just imports, brought up to date and modified in Europe.

The state, region and city also offer several ecological bonuses that will allow you to have access to attractive financial aid.

Here is our 2022 selection of the most interesting scooters, all categories combined.

What are the best electric scooters in 2022 in France?

Silence S01: the best of 2022

The Silence S01 is quite simply the new benchmark for 125 equivalents (see our full test), with the added bonus of a removable suitcase battery that allows it to appeal to a wider range of drivers. Contrary to appearances, the two-wheeler does not take up much space in the width, which allows it to navigate in town without problem – which is not the case with all maxi-scooters. In addition, its original look allows it to easily stand out on the road, among all the other Chinese models which tend to look a lot alike.

Max speed : 100 km/h

Autonomy : 130km

Full recharge : 6 hours

Rear passenger : yes

BMW CE 04: the electric that makes you forget about thermals

BMW CE04 // Source: Louise Audry for Numerama

There is no doubt that the BMW CE 04 has been designed to appeal to those who are reluctant to let go of the power of their internal combustion engine to switch to electric. This model, admittedly expensive, incorporates the technology and know-how of BMW, which clearly stands out for its quality finishes, in a market still dominated by fragile Chinese moulds. This 125 equivalent (which also exists with more power, accessible with a motorcycle license) is a pleasure of acceleration and responsiveness, and its regenerative braking allows it to last more than 100 km without load. Note that the saddle is not very comfortable, and the battery is not removable.

You want to know more ? We spent a week with the BMW CE 04.

Max speed : 120 km/h

Autonomy : 100 km (even if the display shows 60)

Full recharge : 1.5 hours in fast charge, 4 hours otherwise

Rear passenger : yes, but few handle to hold

Super Soco CPx: the most complete electric scooter

Even if you don’t like the sporty look of the new Super Soco, take the time to look at its features, which make it one of the most essential 125 equivalents of 2020. Available since July 2020 in France, the Super Soco CPx is a fast (90km/h), agile and responsive electric scooter, which can have an impressive range of 140 km when it has two batteries. Please note that each CPX battery is heavy (18kg), but it is possible to recharge them one at a time.

Max speed : 90 km/h

Autonomy : 70 km (one battery) to 140 km (2 batteries)

Full recharge : 2.5 hours

Rear passenger : yes, plenty of room

Super Soco Cu-x: the benchmark that ages well

The Super Soco Cu-x was our favorite in 2019 on the scooter side – but on the motorcycle level, the brand also won us over with its TC Max equivalent 125. For the moment, they are still few to have raised to his level. Small and very handy, light, but without having a “toy” effect, it has many qualities that make it the best electric urban scooter that we have tested.

Autonomy is very good for a city two-wheeler, acceleration is enough not to feel in danger at traffic lights and its battery has the good taste of being transportable (unlike some equivalents, such as the Niu M+, where the weight is immediately felt much more when you have to climb several floors). It is found from 2,690 euros.

Max speed : 50 km/h

Autonomy : 60-70km

Full recharge : 8 hours

Rear passenger : yes

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Rider 5000: fast and furious, with style

It has been one of our favorites in 125 equivalent since the beginning of 2020: the Go2Roues Rider 5000 is a pleasure to drive while being one of the rare electric scooters to combine speed and style. It goes up to 90 km/h (its strength), but its battery will hardly last more than a day if you travel on sections of road at more than 50 km/h (its weakness). In addition, said removable battery approaches 18 kg, which is very heavy to carry. If you have a cellar or a ground floor, you can plug it directly into a 220V socket.

(Note: it is with him that our journalist specializing in electric scooters has been riding for more than a year.)

Max speed: 90 km/h

Autonomy: 60 km

Full charge: 6-8 hours

Rear passenger: yes, no problem

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