What is a crypto trading robot?

The crypto trading robot


A crypto trading robot is an algorithmic program. It is designed to automatically evaluate the cryptocurrency financial markets on behalf of the user. When the conditions are met, he places buy or sell orders.


As a reminder, cryptocurrencies are virtual digital currencies. Among the best known is bitcoin, created under a pseudonym in 2009. Most of these currencies are based on blockchain technology. It works without intermediaries and keeps track of transactions.


With the digitization of society, more and more people are learning about online trading. Cryptocurrencies appeal to finance regulars, but not only. Today, the general public is also interested in it.

The marketing target of such software is precisely the novice trader, new to trading and dreaming of investing. The offer is intended to be easy to use and made for non-professionals. However, its ability to generate gains is widely questioned. Doubts follow one another over the fabulous announcements made by the various trading robots dedicated to cryptocurrencies, such as bitcoin prime.

The challenges of automated crypto trading


The volatility of cryptocurrencies is not a myth. Newspapers regularly report the vagaries of their value. This year, Bitcoin, the oldest of the cryptocurrencies, thus collapsed. To invest, it is imperative to have solid knowledge in economics of finance, in data processing or in statistics.

However, there are many who venture into trading via these automated solutions precisely out of ignorance. Attracted by the promises of earnings and the ease of use of these platforms, they trust the machine. Yet market movements remain difficult to predict even for software.


Forming an opinion on the reliability of crypto trading robots is a real challenge. It is possible to read the comments of previous investors on verified sites. It is also possible to find out if the software is associated with a known broker. On the other hand, it is difficult to have the guarantee of profits or even the certainty of keeping one’s starting capital.

The Financial Markets Authority (AMF) warns against fraudulent platforms. In this sense, it publishes on its site the names of the actors to avoid in a blacklist. This is non-exhaustive and regularly updated. It should be noted that the sector is invaded by many scams. Vigilance is therefore essential.


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