What if you got paid $100 a day to run…with virtual sneakers?

An application allows you to be paid in cryptocurrency. It is the number of steps taken during the day that allows the counter to run…

StepN. A name that says nothing today but will be essential in the future? Created by Find Satoshi Lab, this mobile game mixes NFT (non-fungible tokens) and metaverse, this virtual parallel world that will soon enter our daily lives.

While the price of cryptocurrencies is falling all over the world, StepN and its currency GMT are doing well. This Friday, GMT is one of the only three cryptocurrencies to see its price increase sharply (+70% in 24 hours).

Move to win

It must be said that StepN is considered “the new phenomenon that has ignited the cryptocurrency ecosystem for several months” with a simple concept: the application rewards users based on their physical activity. A concept summarized in one word by the creators in MoveToEarn: move to win!

To do this, you have to buy virtual sneakers on the StepN app… and then you’ll be rewarded by walking or running. And this from the very first steps!

By achieving the objectives set, you will then receive these famous GMT tokens. And the designers assure that the user can earn up to 100 dollars a day by running for an hour a day with certain models of shoes.

The objective is to encourage people to practice physical activity. Of course, several scenarios are planned and the objectives but also the earnings vary according to the virtual sneakers purchased.

How to register?

Be careful, however, you must first be sponsored to access the game. Several channels allow you to obtain the famous code to register. You have to dig into the official StepN channels on Discord, Telegram or even on social networks. Or even get sponsored by another player.

But beware, hackers have already cloned the StepN site and are recovering the codes fraudulently. The best thing is to stay on the official sites and follow the advice of specialized sites.

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