“We are only just beginning to see the possibilities of blockchain,” says Hasheur

Hasheur has been democratizing and analyzing the world of blockchain and new technologies since 2016 on Youtube. He is also an entrepreneur and runs several companies in this sector.

What are the uses of the blockchain that seem most interesting to you today?

I think the best uses haven’t even been thought of yet. Blockchain is a toolbox, and we are only just beginning to see the possibilities it offers. And each tool itself allows multiple uses. Among these we can cite community fundraising (ICO) and therefore the financing of projects, NFTs – which guarantee the authentication of digital objects – art, gaming or even the implementation of different models of governance… The field of possibilities is expanding every day.

Are there any pitfalls to avoid when investing in NFTs?

Totally, especially since NFTs have become a real trend. The potential is so strong that we can sometimes forget that it will take years before we see the development of concrete and relevant uses, a bit like the Internet at the time. It is therefore necessary to get as much information as possible in order to identify serious projects, which today remain in the minority. It is also necessary to differentiate between purely artistic projects, which have no value other than the appreciation of collectors, initiatives which offer “utilities”, access, services or even rights (such as that of participating in the governance of a newspaper for example!). Investing without visibility and without understanding the valuations of these assets is particularly dangerous.

What types of NFT-related projects do you particularly follow?

I am mainly interested in the projects of entrepreneurs that I frequent, whose final objective is to deliver a service or an experience, like Ternoa for example. I really like gaming, and I’m close to initiatives like Dogami, Cross the Ages, Off the grid, Sorare and Aurory. NFTs also interest me for the possibilities they offer in terms of fundraising, governance and authentication. But again, NFT projects are mostly still in the development stage and investing in them remains a real gamble. And we are still waiting for a precise legal framework in Europe to have a clear vision concerning the limits of all these uses.

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