Volkswagen Golf young driver insurance

True flagship of the German manufacturer, the Golf has already had eight successful generations (source: It continues to be a benchmark in the compact sedan market. Many young license holders want to buy second-hand and insure this type of vehicle. How much does Volkswagen Golf young driver insurance cost? The point with

What are the guarantees for “young golf driver” insurance?

Young drivers, who have held a driving license for less than three years, must anticipate a larger budget to insure their first vehicle. They are indeed subject to an additional premium that can double the cost of their insurance for their first year of driving! Do you have a limited budget? In this case, opt for a second-hand and older-generation Golf to reduce the applicable price. Taking out third-party insurance is also the legal minimum. It allows you to benefit from the best rates for “young Volkswagen Golf driver” insurance.

How much does “Volkswagen Golf young driver” insurance cost?

The following table offers a comparison of the best Volkswagen Golf insurance quotes for young drivers, in a third-party formula. The advertised rates apply to exclusively private use, for a young student living in Lyon, driving 15,000 kilometers per year, having a closed garage and holding a license for one year without any damage.

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