Volkswagen chief claims they’ll beat Elon Musk’s Tesla by 2025

Herbert Diess, the current chairman of the board of German automaker Volkswagen Group, said the automaker will overtake Elon Musk’s Tesla by 2025. During a meeting at the company’s headquarters in Germany, Diess said Tesla will lose its strength trying to run two gigafactories – one in Austin, Texas, and the other in Grunheide, Germany, the Daily Mail reports. He sees it as an opportunity to take the initiative, because Volkswagen is running at full speed.

“Elon must simultaneously ramp up two very complex factories in Austin and Grunheide – and expand production in Shanghai. It will cost him strength,” he told workers on Tuesday, as reported by the Financial Times.

“We need to seize this opportunity and catch up quickly – by 2025 we can be on top,” he added.

Mr. Diess has had his eyes on Tesla for some time. Earlier this year, he said Volkswagen was able to sell more electric vehicles than its rival by 2025.

During the presentation, Diess also mentioned that Tesla is getting weaker and then presented a slide with a meme showing actor Jason Momoa portraying Volkswagen slipping behind fellow actor Henry Cavill as Tesla.

Diess and Musk are friends outside of the EV race, but the German leader keeps pointing out that Tesla is Volkswagen’s biggest rival.

Volkswagen sold 4,52,900 electric vehicles globally in 2021, while Tesla sold 9,30,422. It is ranked fourth among electric car companies and fifth among the largest EV companies.

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