VIDEO. “I invested 1,500 euros in Marc Blata’s copy shop and I lost everything”

A collective of more than a hundred internet users has been formed to warn against copy-trading operations promoted by the pair of influencers Marc Blata and his wife Nadé. For several months, the couple based in Dubai has offered its thousands of subscribers on social networks to “copy-trade”, that is, to reproduce identically the financial positions taken by a trader. The exercise can be dangerous for beginners. “9 out of 10 people who have invested have lost money”, explains Jean-Baptiste Boisseau, co-founder of the “Signal-Arnaques” platform, which for 8 years has been identifying questionable trading practices on the web.

Slim (not his first name) started following Marc Blata’s Instagram account in the fall of 2021. “I saw his stories and every day he talked about copy-trading”. Testimonials and screenshots of other subscribers’ winnings convinced Slim to also try his luck: the 30-year-old then invested 1,500 euros in installments. “I told myself that if I could already earn a few hundred euros a month, it wasn’t bad”. Initially, Slim manages to make money, but very quickly “the trades went into the red”, he continues. In the end, Slim lost all the money he had bet.

“The principle of a copy trading scam is to explain to you that by following the signals, that is, the recommendations given daily by so-called professional traders, you will get rich as a trader”, explains the co-founder. of “Signal-Arnaques”. With the difference that “traders have a speed in the markets which is completely different”, continues Jean-Baptiste Boisseau.

Contacted by phone, Nadé explains that subscribers are warned about the risks associated with copy trading “several times”: “We are transparent, at no time have we told our subscribers that we were traders. The signals come to us from a trader. People , who do copy trading, manage their own budget. The people who lose all the money in copy trading are people who went too fast and invested all their money on a signal,” defends the influencer.

A group of people decided to take the case to court. “We have appointed a lawyer. Trading is not a game, don’t trade with reality TV influencers,” warns Slim.

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