VIDEO. Atomic bomb on Mars, chip in the brain… Elon Musk’s most improbable and unknown projects

Did you know that Elon Musk had the idea of ​​sending an atomic bomb to Mars in order to warm the atmosphere there? Or to create chips integrated into the brain which would make it possible to control machines directly by the thought? Olivier Lascar, journalist and author of “Investigation into Elon Musk, the man who defies science”, presents some of the craziest ideas of the billionaire businessman, in the video to discover at the top of article. To make possible the colonization and the “terrafoundation” of Mars, the engineer had imagined sending atomic bombs there so that “the atmosphere is conducive to the existence of liquid water on the surface, so that an ecosystem comparable to that of the Earth can develop there”, develops Olivier Lascar. A project finally abandoned by the billionaire and strongly criticized by many scientists.

But other crazy projects of Elon Musk are in the process of seeing the light of day, such as the chips developed by his company Neuralink. The objective is to allow humans to control a computer, a machine, or even a prosthesis, solely by force of thought… Thanks to a chip implanted directly in the brain. “Elon Musk even speaks one day of being able to download his memory on a hard disk, to preserve it”, specifies the author of the investigation. The first tests carried out on a monkey have been made public in a video posted on the Internet. We see the animal, equipped with one of these chips, playing a video game, without holding any controller in his hands, “only by thought”, details Olivier Lascar. “It looks very playful, but the reality is much less rosy. An association of doctors revealed that several monkeys had died in extreme suffering” while carrying out this test.

Elon Musk is pursuing other impressive projects in the automotive field, with his gigantic factories or “Gigafactory” intended to produce batteries for his Tesla cars, among the largest battery factories in the world, explains Olivier Lascar. More recently, his Teslas allowed more than 14,000 passengers a day to travel underground in Las Vegas, during CES, in tunnels designed by The Boring Company, Elon Musk’s drilling company. For the author of the “Survey of Elon Musk, the man who defies science”, “you have to keep an eye on your achievements, because they are likely to change the world in which you live”.

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