Verelec Technology innovates to reduce energy consumption, innovation and research

A glass plate, a metal resistor embedded inside that heats it and… nothing else, except to dress and connect the radiator. This patented process is the origin of Verelec technology companycreated in 2002 in Saint-Etienne-de-Saint-Geoirs by Jacques Menet, Research Director at CNRS. “Having a resistor that covers the entire glass provides even heat distribution”, explains Olivier Terme, the current president who took over from the founder, who remained in the company as a technical advisor and shareholder.

“It also provides better radiation thanks to far-infrared waves, which are better absorbed by living things than those of convection heaters. Finally, the glass on the facade has the advantage of being a more emissive material. With the bonus of a rather sober and aesthetic design.

Profit of 21.5%

A pilot project has been carried out since 2021 in a student residence in Strasbourg: Verelec radiators have been connected to a Schneider Electric connected thermostat to save 21.5% in consumption at the heating station.

Focusing on R&D for fifteen years, the company has begun a more commercial shift since 2018: “Big bosses in the industry, including Anne Lauvergeon [ancienne présidente d’ Areva , NDLR], through his company ALP, or Joël Séché, leader of the eponymous group, entered the capital and is still on the board, remembers Olivier Terme. With shares of more than 10%,” he specifies, while remaining a minority.

The company has today five people and achieves a turnover of less than one million euros, of which 80% in the residential area. In the industrial environment, she has worked for two years with the Breton food cooperative Cooperl to reduce energy consumption on pig farms by 60%. “The livestock sector should generally be a strong driving force for growth”, assures Olivier Terme. Products for catering or gardening greenhouses are also being developed.

In the next two years, five to ten people will be recruited, and another production line is planned for 2025. Verelec’s goal is to reach around thirty employees and a turnover of 10 to 15 million from 2026.

Verelec technology:

Creation date : 2002.

President: Olivier Terme.

Effective: 5 people.

Sector: heater.

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