US lifts testing requirement for travelers arriving by air

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This is an announcement that will simplify the lives of international travelers who fly to the United States: from this Sunday, June 12, they will no longer need to present a negative test for Covid-19 to board.

With our correspondent in Washington, Guillaume Naudin

The obligation to present a negative test was one of the last obligations in force since the start of the pandemic and it will be over on Sunday at midnight. The borders had reopened since November and the mask was no longer compulsory in transport by court order since April.

The obligation to present a negative test dating from the day before the plane trip had been in place since January 2021. All travelers over the age of 2, boarding a flight from abroad to the United States, had to present a negative test less than one day before take-off, regardless of their vaccination status.

A lifting of the obligation before the start of the tourist season

From now on, it’s over, because it was no longer necessary from a scientific point of view. The Centers for Disease Control (CDC), believes that the virus, the Omicron variant and its subvariants are already circulating widely in the United States. A senior Biden administration official says the move is made possible by the tremendous strides that have been made in battling the disease with vaccines and treatments now widely available in the country.

The same official notes that despite a recent resurgence in the number of cases, mortality due to virus, she does not go up. Doubtless we should not neglect the weight of the tourist industry, which has been campaigning for weeks for the end of the compulsory test.

Unless absolutely necessary, the CDC will reevaluate its decision in 90 days, that is, after the summer, after the tourist season.

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