Unmissable opportunity: Lucky Block will launch a $2.3 million prize pool and a $1 million NFT jackpot in May!

Lucky Block sets the tone when it comes to cryptocurrency rewards. The platform is unveiling new rewards for users this month through daily prize pools. The next giveaway in May will be the first-ever free pool that offers rewards to token holders and charities.

A main prize pool of $2.37 million

Lucky Block’s LBLOCK token was launched recently, and so far, it has recorded around 52,310 holders of tokens. Lucky Block is looking to attract a wider audience with the soon-to-be-launched free daily jackpot prize. Entry to this jackpot will offer both free and paid options.

The Lucky Block jackpot targets expert cryptocurrency traders and those operating in the traditional sector. The benefits offered by the kitty are appealing to audiences specializing in cryptocurrencies and those familiar with traditional giveaway platforms.

Lucky Block brought transparency to this initiative by employing the services of Chainlink VRF. This service will provide a verifiable source of randomness, ensuring that jackpot winners are selected freely and fairly.

The draw for the main prize pool for this initiative is currently set at $2.37 million. The jackpot will go to both token holders and selected charities. 10% of the jackpot will go directly to charity, while an additional 10% will be distributed to LBLOCK token holders, depending on the amount they hold. This provides additional utility and other benefits to holders of this token.

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Another 8% of the prize pool will go towards marketing, while another 2% will go towards a separate Lucky Block NFT raffle. The funds used for these prize pools come from a 12% tax on LBLOCK sales made on decentralized exchanges – another holding incentive.

A million dollar NFT raffle

Along with the main prize pool, there is also the expected launch of the NFT daily raffle. To participate in this draw, a person must own at least one of the 10,000 NFTs in the limited edition Platinum Rollers Club.

These NFTs provide utility as they provide a lifetime free entry ticket to daily NFT draws. Owners of these NFTs will also be part of a one-time special draw where they will have a chance to win $1 million. This million dollar raffle will coincide with the launch of the main draw this month.

The Platinum Rollers Club NFTs are generating a lot of interest, and more than a quarter of them have already been sold. When all NFTs have been sold, another prize, a Lamborghini worth €300,000, will be awarded to one NFT holder.

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