United States. At least 20 luxury villas destroyed by a violent fire in California

The fire season unfortunately seems to have started in California (United States). On Wednesday, May 11, 2022, a massive brush fire broke out in the town of Laguna Niguel, Orange County. According to CNNmore than 80 ha of forest (200 acres) and about twenty houses have already been ravaged by the flames, this Thursday, May 12.

During a press conference given on Wednesday evening, the fire chief declared that no injuries were to be deplored.

Evacuations have been organized as soon as possible in this neighborhood described as one of the richest in California. According to information from our colleagues, the first flames were seen in the afternoon. Dispatched to the scene, firefighters used water from a nearby pond to contain the fire.

A fire fueled by wind and drought

According to the observations of the local weather service, the fire would have been favored by the great drought which rages in the region and by winds of great intensity, which can reach nearly 50 km / h.

A reception area for disaster victims has been set up at the Crown Valley Community Centre.

California experienced the most severe drought in its 126-year history in the summer of 2021, recalls CNN.

In an attempt to cope with these conditions, which forecasters expect to continue for the next few months, water restrictions have been implemented in parts of the state. Last month, local authorities imposed a reduction in outdoor watering to one day a week in the cities of Los Angeles, Ventura and San Bernardino.

United States. At least 20 luxury villas destroyed by a violent fire in California

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