United States: 4-year-old child found after spending two days in the wild

A 4-year-old boy, reported missing on Friday June 3, in Montana, in the northern United States, was found by rescue after spending two whole days alone in the wild.

A miracle. The disappearance of Ryker Webb, 4, was reported last Friday afternoon by a neighbor in the small town of Troy in the state of Montana, in the north of the United States. The little boy was last seen playing in his yard with his dog, reports the New York Post.

After two days of an intensive search, which involved ground crews, ATV teams, dog teams, drones, helicopters and a boat unit, according to the Lincoln County Sheriff’s Office, the little boy was found. found in the middle of a wooded area, almost four kilometers from his home.

He was safe and sound but “hungry, thirsty and freezing cold”.

“It was extremely difficult to bring the additional air assets into the Bull Lake valley due to the very bad weather conditions (…) The dense vegetation of the area proved extremely difficult to search”, explained the office of the sheriff on social media.

The child was immediately taken care of by the emergency services, and seemed “very scared” after the two days spent in nature.

The authorities will continue to conduct their investigation, in particular to find out why the parents of the little boy were slow to report his disappearance, and to understand how the little boy ended up so far from home.

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