Understanding all the languages ​​of the world: Google invents crazy technology!

News hardware Understanding all the languages ​​of the world: Google invents crazy technology!

One of the ideals of humanity is to be able to communicate with the whole world. Many technological means have already been implemented to break down language barriers, but still with many constraints. Augmented reality would be the ultimate method, and Google is seriously working on it.

Google is working on connected glasses with live translation

The Google I/O conference, an event mainly dedicated to developers, took place this Wednesday, May 11. Google announced many new software and hardware products, and closed its presentation by showing their vision of the future of augmented reality, at the service of translation.

In a very moving video, we can see how connected glasses could allow people who do not speak the same language to communicate extremely fluidly and without constraint.

These glasses would use microphones and augmented reality to listen and live translate what the speaker is saying, then display the translation as text next to it, similar to captions in a film. This would also benefit the deaf and hard of hearing, as the glasses understand sign language.

This type of method requires very advanced artificial intelligence to interpret the sentences spoken and transcribe them almost instantly into the appropriate language. It is also necessary that the text is tilted correctly to be able to read well without having to be right in front of its interlocutor.

Communication is fundamental, and this kind of revolution could have all kinds of positive effects in human interactions.

A stunning innovation from Google thanks to machine learning

For now, Google Translate manages to translate written text and scanned text on a more or less flat surface. With Live Translate, all you have to do is speak to your smartphone and, after a loading time, Google responds with the translation. But it’s still far from being able to reproduce a real conversation.

We therefore understand with this sequence and with all the other novelties arriving in more or less time, the ambition of Google vis-à-vis augmented reality, imposing no limit on the potential of this technology.

Understanding all the languages ​​of the world: Google invents crazy technology!

These glasses are currently only a prototype in the test phase, and we suspect that it will be necessary to wait many more years before seeing these glasses marketed and even longer for them to be affordable and democratized.

This announcement is in line with Google’s research and development in machine learning. The Cupertino company has just added 24 new languages ​​on Google Translate, the first using “Zero-Shot Translation”, which can translate into another language without ever having seen an example beforehand.

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