Twitter will have to provide Musk with documents from a former employee linked to the fake accounts

Of the 22 requests for documents related to Twitter employees issued by Elon Musk, American justice has accepted only one.

The case between Elon Musk and Twitter, after the billionaire gave up his purchase of the social network, is taking its course. Justice has just imposed, on Monday August 15, the platform to provide documents from a former employee, whom Musk presented as “a key figure in the calculation of fake accounts on the platform”, can we read in a court order relayed by Reuters.

Twitter was thus ordered to collect, analyze and provide these documents related to Kayvon Beykpour, formerly general manager of products within the social network.

Beykpour, who resigned when the takeover by Elon Musk was announced in April, was, in the words of the billionaire, the employee “most personally invested” in the calculations of fake accounts.

Fake accounts have become a focal point in the case between the social network and Musk. Claiming that Twitter would have lied about the real number of these fake accounts, Musk made it the main element to justify his choice not to buy the social network in the end.

22 requests, only one accepted

Fake accounts, or “bots”, are accounts that are not run by real people. Due to their automatic nature, these accounts can undermine the financial value of the social network. Indeed, this is calculated mainly by the number of “monetizable” subscribers, that is to say who are likely to view advertising.

As part of the lawsuit, Musk also issued similar demands the week of August 8 regarding 21 other employees. Justice has indicated that it does not accede to these requests.

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