Twitter wants his lawsuit with Elon Musk to go quickly, but Elon Musk has a pool

Twitter, which wants to force Elon Musk to honor his contract, is suing him in the State of Delaware. The company is hoping for a trial in September 2022, but Elon Musk doesn’t want to hear about it until February 2023.

22-0613. Does this number mean anything to you? You should however read it regularly in the coming months. This is the file number assigned to the “Twitter v. Musk”, which will be judged by the Delaware Court of Justice, known for its speed and its specialization in (very large) financial transactions. As Twitter had announced after Elon Musk announced that he would give up his takeover, justice was seized against the boss of Tesla and SpaceX. Twitter hopes to force him to honor his promise or, at least, receive considerable compensation. This file should be in the news for many months since, barring a major turnaround, no one imagines the two entities reaching an agreement.

Precisely, here they are already arguing on a first point: the date of the trial. Twitter has initiated a procedure to move the file quickly (it cites the fact that the contract signed by Musk must enter into force before October 24). Elon Musk and his representatives insist, for their part, on the fact that such a file will take months to be processed and will not be able to go to court before February 13, 2023, at best.

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Who from Twitter or Musk will win this first battle?

While waiting to know who will win the trial, justice should distribute the first points quickly. Tuesday, July 19, a special hearing is scheduled around 5 p.m. for France. There will be given the date of the Twitter v. Musk. Who from Twitter (September 2022) or Elon Musk (after February 2023) will win? This first trend should tell us in which direction justice is going. Elon Musk calls for a full investigation into the “false data and false accounts”, Twitter just wants to force him to honor his contract. If the short option is chosen, one can imagine that the judges do not intend to embark on a complete revision of the data of the social network.

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Elon Musk.  // Source: Flickr/CC/Cleverson Oliveira/Mcom;  Numerama changes

Twitter justice document
In its request to expedite the trial, Twitter mentions the period of mid-September. // Source: The Verge

The chosen judge, a bad sign for Elon Musk?

While waiting to know the date of the trial, let’s come back to a news that has been widely relayed across the Atlantic for several days. Kathaleen McCormick, the senior judge in the Delaware court, has a reputation for being tough and not giving in to people/companies who want to get out of a contract. Few judges have ever forced an unwilling buyer to complete a transaction, Kathaleen McCormick did. Does this portend a chaotic end for Elon Musk? No, but that’s not reassuring. His bot story might not pass as smoothly as he hopes. Either way, a $44 billion transaction will surely be treated with more attention than other cases.

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