Twitter: Musk will remove a feature related to suicide

Twitter removed a feature that included phone numbers for organizations specializing in suicide prevention, said two people familiar with the matter, who said the decision was made by Elon Muskthe new owner of the social network.

The feature, called “#ThereIsHelp,” showed contacts from organizations that can help people researching mental health, HIV, vaccines, sexual exploitation of minors, COVID-19, gender-based violence, natural disasters or freedom of expression.

Concerns about the well-being of users

The removal of this feature, which came in recent days, could raise fears for the well-being of vulnerable users of the social network.

Neither Twitter nor Elon Musk did not respond to a request for comment.

In recent days, the company has also introduced a new rule that prohibits the promotion of competing social sites. This means that Twitter wants to delete user accounts when they link to pages from Facebook, Instagram or Mastodon, among others.

Following these abrupt changes, Germany called on the European Commission on Thursday to further regulate Twitter. The new “regulation of the Twitter platform, its sudden changes and its arbitrary use” are of “great concern”, wrote the foreign minister of the German economy ministry, Sven Giegold (Greens), in a letter to the European Commission.

Elon Musk announces his retirement from Twitter

Decisions that come when Elon Musk announced on Tuesday his intention to leave the head of the social network. The entrepreneur had accepted the verdict of the poll he launched on his social network on Sunday. About 57% of the 17 million participating users have called for his resignation.

“I will step down from general management as soon as I find someone crazy enough to do this job!” tweeted the iconoclastic fifty-year-old. The successor will have to appease regulators, who are concerned about less moderation of content, advertisers, many of whom have distanced themselves, but also the group’s heavily indebted creditors, as well as its employees.

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