Twitter Files: Elon Musk’s Goals

Released on December 8, 2022


Many saw Elon Musk as a perfect example of the crony capitalist who rode the wave of political correctness and swept the subsidized business wide open. Tesla is presented much more as the spearhead of tomorrow’s clean and electric cars than what it is: an IT company listed on the NASDAQ, whose annual reports talk about self-driving software and artificial intelligence. SpaceX is taken much more seriously for its lucrative contract to transport cargo to the International Space Station than for the distant projects of commercial exploitation of the resources of the planet Mars.

Elon Musk plays the troublemaker

But there. Elon Musk once decided to move from the very progressive California to settle in Texas.

Worse! Elon Musk dared to fire red bullets at California, on the drifts woke of the citizens and the socialist in his administration, all on the very sulphurous web channel Babylon Bee, a kind of hybrid American version of TPMP and Charlie Hebdobut on the other hand: openly conservative and Christian version and strongly hostile to the system.

Worse! Elon Musk ridiculed the US administration by asking it to foot the bill for the Starlink coverage it deployed from the early days of the Ukrainian conflict, which has become a crucial tool in asymmetric warfare.

And when it wasn’t enough that it wasn’t clear enough, Elon Musk bought Twitter. And it’s not like as soon as the purchase was made, he fired the vast majority of the staff, staged himself with great class, walked into the headquarters of the social network with a wash of hands, a message that many people did not dare to want understand the obvious meaning.

Worse, much worse! Elon Musk held the world’s first private political referendum by asking network users whether or not they should restore former US President Donald Trump’s account. Not only did he organize the vote, but he immediately reinstated the count of the enemy number one of those wokewhen the result is known.

You’d think it would end there, but no. Elon Musk has once again pushed the boundaries by releasing the famous Twitter Papers and launch what may well become TwitterGate.

Where is Elon Musk from?

By publishing emails from former senior Twitter executives stating that the broadcast of New York Times on Hunter Biden, the son of the current president of the United States, had been suppressed, including by temporarily suspending accounts, Elon Musk is actually pursuing three goals:

The first, and not the least, is to do what former boss and Twitter founder Jack Dorsey failed to do: violently and thoroughly purge both the staff and the entire company, thereby removing the threats, legal problems that would undoubtedly have ended it social. network.

The second is the direct consequence of the first and aims to prevent these problems from reappearing and to reconnect with a world of investors who had ended up having serious doubts about the company’s vision. This is to clarify Twitter’s positioning. Twitter is about technology, not information. Twitter does business, not politics. There will no longer be a “Twitter editorial line”: Twitter is not a medium, and Twitter is returning to NASDAQ in the category of IT companies.

The third goal is indeed political, but not in the political sense as the media-state system understands it, or as the progressive camp has presented it in bad faith by asking to censor Twitter in the name of free speech: it is political in the libertarian sense . The acquisition of Twitter is clearly in line with this vision that tomorrow’s society will be freed from the state, that commercial enterprises will have largely replaced the weak, expensive and corrupt administrative services in many areas.

Why pay hundreds of officials, why suffer the wanderings of an abundance organization, what is the use of all these democratic masses, which no longer fulfill their function and which no one believes anymore, whereas a simple twitter poll makes it possible to put people peacefully agree?

Some pretend to discover this side of Elon Musk, but it was quite clear from the start of his career. So what is Paypal, other than a private, free and non-monopoly substitute for the legal court that underwrites trust in commercial transactions? Let’s not forget that Elon Musk owes his initial fortune, which then allowed him to expand in the transformation of a technology that is completely harmless into a serious substitute for the famous monetary guarantee that has been the basis of the states power since the establishment of the sovereign currency by King Gyges in VIIe century BC All activities subsequently bought or founded by Elon Musk, be it automotive, aerospace, solar energy or even the absurd idea of ‚Äč‚Äčunderground private roads, are sectors that come in direct competition with public or nationalized activities, not to mention downright stepping on the toes of the state.

Twitter files

By publishing evidence of the collusion between the former Twitter team and members of the Democratic Party in the operation to cover up the case of the lost laptop of the son of the current US president, Elon Musk casts a hellish discredit on the political world in general and on the American Democratic Party in particular.

As if politics needed it! As if there was any doubt about the manipulation of the concept of “freedom of speech”. If politics is like the smell of farts: we enjoy our own, but we can’t stand other people’s, well, freedom of speech is like fake news : it is only true as long as we believe it.

Lies never stand the test of time. The problem is that the administrations have no idea what they can do to counter the lawsuit in legitimacy that is directed at them, since the explosion of the means of interpersonal communication means that everyone can very quickly go Realize that politics really is like a big match-fix football match.

The hunt for fake news rests on the dogma, which some call the social contract, that a democratic state is supposed to be impartial, fair, honest and non-profit to protect citizens from predatory individuals and organizations.

In fact, this is not the case and in fact the pursuit of fake news turns out to be a means like any other for establishing purposeful censorship, for determining what is true and what is false, for concealing what may harm and highlighting what highlights. Who could ever believe that a legal criminal organization with a monopoly on violence could have anything but power as its goal?

The American Democrats today bear the brunt of a system of manipulation, the Twitter Fake News Pushwhich we must not forget that the champion in every category is still the former president Donald Trump, who sometimes used and abused it several times a day.

Democrats, Republicans, right, left, center, moderates, extremes… the political and media world as a whole will find it extremely difficult to adapt to the transformations brought about by new technologies. By posting the Twitter files, Elon Musk is only pushing very hard where it hurts.

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