Twitter: Elon Musk’s appeal soon to be made public

New step in the case between Twitter and Elon Musk. The judge of the Delaware Court of Chancery, who will decide the dispute concerning the aborted takeover of the social network by the billionaire for 44 billion dollars, announced that the appeal filed by the boss of Tesla would be made public by August 5 . However, the document could be published as early as Thursday, according to a source familiar with the matter.

Kathleen McCormick made her decision after Twitter accused the SpaceX founder of wanting to release the 163-page document on Wednesday without giving him the opportunity to redact confidential company information. The Californian company received a copy of the appeal on July 29, and indicated that it benefited, according to the rules enacted by the Court, from five working days to redact the document. Elon Musk felt that three working days was sufficient.

The billionaire terminated the Twitter takeover agreement in early July, accusing the group of having breached its contractual obligations by providing in particular erroneous or incomplete data on the number of fake accounts. The social network denied these accusations. Twitter board chairman Bret Taylor said at the time that the board planned to take legal action to enforce the agreement. The trial of this aborted takeover will take place from October 17 to 21, confirmed a Delaware judge, according to an order made public on Friday July 29.

(with Reuters)

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