Twitter: “all those salespeople who will no longer be able to falsify the numbers”, Elon Musk’s new feature is here

News JVTech Twitter: “all those salespeople who will no longer be able to falsify the numbers”, Elon Musk’s new feature is here

Twitter is the most popular social network at the moment, and Elon Musk is not going to stop talking about his new baby with the arrival of a rather unexpected new feature.

Twitter, countless twists and turns

If you are bored, Twitter is a great platform to pass the time here and there. But to be entertained, you can also simply follow the news around the platform, which is equally entertaining. So yes, the topic revolves around Elon Musk all the time, and the countless twists and turns.

After taking the reins of the social network, Elon introduced a system of paid subscriptions before abandoning it and reinstating it in a new form. If you look closely, there are now badges that are totally confusing. A gray badge next to a profile name corresponds to a political entity, a yellow badge corresponds to an official entity, but the problem lies in the blue badges.

The same blue mark can have several meanings. When you click on one of them, you can view details. Some accounts have this verification because they were verified by Twitter before Elon Musk arrived. Others are because they subscribe to Twitter Blue, the social network’s paid service.

In short, a small micmac, but which does not stop there. Elon advocates free speech and has chained actions that simply go against that value, starting with the expulsion of employees and journalists who criticize his actions. Some have been returned or rehired, but confusion reigns.

The billionaire’s latest antics lie in an investigation launched into his community. A great enthusiast for democracy, he let the people vote to decide whether he will remain the head of Twitter. The result went against him, but we suspect he will still find a way around this decision. In fact, we have been able to see him interacting with certain netizens who are talking about bots voting against him en masse.

Tweet views now public

And among all these changes, a new feature just appeared today. It is about tweet statistics. The majority of information related to tweets is private, except for likes, retweets, replies and quoted tweets. But from now on everyone can see the number of people who have seen a tweet.

If you’re on a computer, everything should work without you having to do anything. On a smartphone, chances are you’ll need to refresh your application to see the little graphic logo appear at the bottom left of each post.

We love stats, so this addition is always cool to have. And as MisterMV very well points out, it’s a private element that becomes public, which will complicate sellers’ lives a bit. The latter work for brands and aim to distribute their tweets or ads to as many people as possible. And now that everyone can see this information, it is no longer possible to distort the statistics. Shame.

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