Transition Ethereum 2: Bad news that could make investors green?

The ethereum engineers (ETH) reported the delay of the “difficulty bomb,” a one-of-a-kind mechanism that makes mining ETH impossible. On Wednesday, Ethereum core developers will meet to discuss the Ropsten public testnet.

After examining several vulnerabilities discovered on the testnet, the developers have EIP-5133 approvedwhich signals a postponement of the difficulty bomb until August 2022.

A new delay for the transition of Ethereum 2

In summary, Tim Beiko (lead developer) said, “We accepted the bomb report. “We were already behind schedule, and we want to double-check all the data before committing to a specific schedule and rollout date, but we expect a two-month delay and launch in June. »

When the ETH 2.0 upgrade is implemented, the “ difficulty bomb refers to the planned and unexpected increase in Ethereum mining difficulty.

Once activated, the bomb difficulty increases considerably the difficulty of extraction, making the mining of a new block on the Ethereum network unworkable.

The delay, according to Beiko, would allow engineers to “keep a strong focus on The Merge” when the Ethereum mainnet and system of Beacon Chain Proof of Stake (PoS) will merge.

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Ben Edgington, expressed the hope that the difficulty bomb delay will not have no negative impact on the Fusion. “We believe this will not cause a delay for The Merge.”

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