Trading platforms at the service of active investors

Article submitted by Bertrand Dubourg

Investors interested in the financial markets know the environment of traders with their multiple screens, where they follow sharp curves and multi-colored graphs. These software are trading tools that allow you to position yourself on various tradable securities to sell or buy them in a relatively short period of time. This is to make money. Originally reserved for an elite, these tools are now available to laymen via trading platforms. Detailed review.

What is a trading platform?

A trading platform is software available on the Internet that brings together the appropriate tools to monitor the financial markets. In addition, a trading platform gathers all the information necessary for the trader’s decision-making.

Individual investors use a trading platform that allows them to take positions in the stock markets, just like an experienced trader.

These platforms offer technical applications with variable geometry, which allow beginners to manage their actions according to their appetite or the desired level of investment.

The best platforms are regulated by the Autorité des Marchés Financiers (AMF) and must guarantee a maximum level of security for their clients.

In other words, a trading platform is software intended for beginners or expert traders who want to profit from the volatility of a market (CFD, Forex, etc.) from their PC or smartphone.

“The best platforms are regulated by the Autorité des Marchés Financiers (AMF) and must guarantee a maximum level of security for their customers”

The platforms therefore allow everyone to execute trades according to their goals. The buzz surrounding these new platforms is undeniable, and this has made it possible over time to reduce spreads (costs), with the emergence of ever-increasing competition in the sector.
Nevertheless, it is better to understand the risks that the stock markets or raw materials represent. It is therefore imperative to train well in advance and then carefully choose a reliable trading platform validated by the financial authorities.

Finally, to shop online, it is necessary to equip yourself as follows:

● A computer, tablet or smartphone,
● An Internet connection,
● A stockbroker,
● A trading platform

These digital devices are part of our daily lives. It is therefore very simple to invest via a trading platform.

What and how do you trade on a platform?

Trading allows you to invest in a myriad of underlyings. It is therefore possible to trade on different markets such as:
● Forex;
● currencies;
● shares;
● indices (CAC 40);
raw materials;
● cryptocurrencies;

It is possible to speculate on the markets through various contracts such as:
● Futures (futures contracts)
● CFDs (contracts for difference).

These contracts allow the investor to take positions with a more or less significant leverage effect.

In the large family of financial markets, we often find Forex (Foreign Exchange), which denotes the currency market or foreign exchange market. Thus, the person trading Forex speculates in pairs (EUR/USD for example) on a rise or fall in the currency he has in mind.

It is important to determine your trading style before jumping into the deep end. The trading style is closely linked to your investment horizon and your investor profile.

Some will want to speculate intraday, that is, on a single day, while others will prefer more long-term strategies and hold their positions over several months or years.

“It is important to determine your trading style well before you jump into the deep end. In fact, the trading style is closely related to your investment horizon and your investor profile”

On the other hand, an intraday strategy consists of keeping positions open for only a few moments in the same trading session. This is also called scalping.
If scalping is still too slow for you, you can resort to trading robots (or auto trading). Here, a software (trading robot) opens positions for you that respect your predetermined parameters.

How to choose a trading platform?

As you have understood, before you start trading CFDs or currencies, it is better to choose a reliable platform, especially if you are new to this universe.

A good broker should always offer:
● a choice of trading platforms (MT4 or MT5)
● Automatic trading
● Manual trading
● unique and powerful functionalities.

In addition, the broker must provide you with a wide range of trading instruments such as Forex, stocks, ETFs, commodity trading or CFD stock indices.

It is also better to choose a generalist platform designed for all traders with solutions for every investor profile.

“A good trading platform should allow you to open a demo account so that you can practice trading and improve your skills before you start in the real market with your own funds”

A good trading platform should also allow you to open a demo account so that you can practice trading and hone your skills before starting in the real market with your own funds. The platform must be easily accessible and accessible in many countries, which is a guarantee of solidity and reliability. For example, you can create an account on Avatrade France, an online trading site that offers its users all the features explained above. This platform, which has a high degree of regulation, provides both novice and experienced traders with optimized services that are completely in line with their needs.

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