Trading: new solutions that democratize investment in the stock market and in cryptocurrencies

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Lydia, a constantly evolving financial player

With more than 5 million users worldwide, 30% of whom are young French people aged 18 to 30, the Lydia application has become a reflex when it comes to paying simply and securely with your phone. This service sought by a young audience has constantly diversified its offer to become a reference platform for payment between people and services worthy of an online bank. In addition to its free formula and its two paid subscriptions which offer, depending on the subscription, Visa card, insurance or even a paid savings solution, the application now wishes to democratize trading and offer novices and experts a new way to approach the investment.

Trading according to Lydia

At Lydia, trading becomes accessible to all users of the application. But what exactly does Lydia’s investment functionality offer?

A range of diversified assets

Through a partnership with Bitpanda, Lydia makes over 200 assets available to its customers. The biggest companies in the world are there, as are the most popular cryptocurrencies. It is also possible to invest in ETFs or on the price of precious metals. Obviously, whatever your choice, it is important to specify that any investment presents a risk of loss of total or partial capital.

A possible investment from 1 €

With a minimum investment of €1, trading is more accessible than ever. Lydia is betting on split shares and investments that everyone can define according to their means. Dividends are then paid out in proportion to the stake.

Lower costs than competitors

Many banks and apps already offer trading services, but they usually come with hefty fees covering currency exchange, trades, entry and exit fees. Lydia strives to maintain tight spreads (differences between the possible purchase price and the potential resale price) in order to limit the cost of the service for investors.

Instant orders

With this new trading service, investing happens 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Buying and selling is done immediately, no matter when you place the order, even when the stock markets are closed.

Savings always available

Thanks to the application which centralizes all Lydia services, if necessary, the money invested is immediately made available on your Lydia account.

Data to identify

So that everyone can get started on Lydia’s trading service, the application wants to develop financial education. It thus provides its users with all the graphs of price variations (set to the year by default). This helps inform investors about the risks of each product and their profitability. They can then position themselves knowingly.

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