Trading: how to equip yourself well to win on the stock market – 07/15/2022 at 07:02

As in a real trading room, you can connect several screens to your computer, which will allow you to simultaneously follow different stock markets, the technical analysis order book… (© Freepik)

The digital revolution spares no area. The internet and mobile apps are redefining the way individuals manage their investments. To take advantage of online brokers, rub shoulders with technical analysis or manage a cryptocurrency portfolio, you still need to have the right equipment. Follow the leader !

The marriage of digital technologies and finance has given rise to powerful tools that make life easier for consumers and investors.

It is now possible to manage all banking operations from a computer or a telephone, but also to manage a stock portfolio and place buy and sell orders in a few seconds from the application of his bank or his online broker. A real revolution, accessible to all provided they master digital tools and are well equipped.

To win on the stock market in 2022, it is better to get up to date.

At 88, after a long career as a stockbroker, François has decided to learn about computers and correct his illectronism, an inability to use everyday digital tools that affects nearly 13 million French people. according to INSEE statistics. His motivation? Manage his collection of toy soldiers, rich in 2,500 figurines found over half a century of passion, and “manage his investments more closely”.

In a few months, thanks to the advice of relatives and the support of a digital coach, our shrewd investor no longer swears by new brokers and never takes his eyes off the technical analysis curves. “And if I did it, anyone can do it!”



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