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Access to markets is important for traders to build a strong portfolio. This access is why they need a trading partner who can give them the tools to trade the financial markets. TraderActive offers traders access to multiple markets including forex, cryptocurrencies, ETFs, options and stocks. With its extensive list of assets, traders can be sure to build a solid portfolio on the platform. What other ways does TraderActive meet the needs of its users? We review the platform’s features in our TraderActive review.

Using the TraderActive brokerage firm to trade offers a number of advantages, but you need to be aware of these advantages in order to benefit from them. With the various advantages that the platform offers, it is no wonder that it has started to gain popularity, especially among young traders. Here’s everything you need to know about the brokerage in our TraderActive review.

Why TraderActive

Mobile and desktop app

The platform has a mobile and desktop application that offers all the features. The mobile application is available for all devices and can be downloaded from the app store. Users can also find apps on the TraderActive broker website if they choose a direct download. The application is fully functional and users have full access to all brokerage services. Users can also use the web version of the platform when they are on their desktop. These options give merchants more flexibility when shopping.

Expert trading tools

Tools for trading such as stop loss, derivatives trading, margin trading, interactive charts and other tools are available on the platform. These tools are available for all accounts and can be used to trade all available assets on the platform. Users can choose the tools they need and don’t have to pay extra to access them. TraderActive has provided its users with these tools in hopes that they will help them build stronger portfolios. With these tools, traders can better navigate the markets and add assets to their portfolios.

Market update and analysis

Markets move at the speed of information, so traders hoping to stay ahead of the market must receive timely information and market updates. On the TraderActive platform, traders can access news and news articles as they happen. To improve the efficiency of this service, users can create alerts around certain assets to be aware of market information. With this game-changing inclusion, the days of using multiple services for trades and market updates are over. With TraderActive, traders can receive up-to-date information and trade from the same application.

Portfolio monitoring and analysis

How do traders measure the success of their trades? Of the profits of their portfolio. TraderActive makes it easy for traders to track their progress with transparent portfolio tracking. The portfolio tracker shows users real-time updates of the portfolio’s value. Additionally, it allows them to track the value of individual assets and their performance over time. With this ability, traders can effectively monitor their assets and their performance through different market cycles. It is a useful ally when traders want to change strategy or rebalance their portfolios.

Split active purchase

Sometimes traders want to buy a fraction of a unit and not the whole unit. This is a key feature that allows traders to make the most of their capital. It is quite beneficial for new traders with small balances who want to diversify their trades. In split purchases, they can buy these assets in small quantities. If they want to add more to their wallet, they can buy the amount they want at their convenience. TraderActive has made it easy for traders to buy assets on the platform.


The TraderActive platform is suitable for traders who want to get the most out of their trades. It is accessible from any device and users have all the tools they need on the platform. For more details not available in this review, the TraderActive website has a rich FAQ section.

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