Trade. What if you started shopping online?

The word trade means “negotiation” The trader’s activity consists of speculating on the financial markets with the clearly identified goal of achieving short-term profit.

Trading in the markets consists of operating on different asset classes such as:

  • Actions
  • Obligations
  • currencies
  • CFDs
  • Raw material
  • Cryptocurrencies

In other words, trading is an activity that allows you to achieve quick returns with material material risks.

What is the difference between an investor and a trader?

  • Investing is about investing money for the long term. and to hold one’s assets for a certain period of time in order to obtain a dividend or hope for a gain on the sale of that asset after several years.
  • Trading consists of speculating in the short term. The trader expects small returns in different and varied positions by trying to capture entry and exit opportunities on the same day or over several days.

You can trade derivatives using leverage provided you are very careful. Because who says leverage said expectations of gain multiplied as well as the possibility of abysmal losses, especially if the trader’s sentiment turned out to be ongoing against the market.

Get started with an online trading platform

Trading has become accessible to the general public with the rise of digitization and has been enhanced by exogenous elements such as the pandemic, which has enabled a new public to take an interest in the markets via the Internet.

From now you can register in minutes on a digital trading platform and learn trading concepts absolutely free.

Nevertheless, one must beware of any hope of getting rich quick by taking huge risks in the stock markets under penalty of seeing one’s assets melt away. In two shakes of a lamb’s tail.

Knowing how to operate in the commodity market or on the Forex requires basic bases to understand and identify a very specific market. Technical training is therefore essential to be able to analyze charts correctly. Rigor is the cornerstone for the budding entrepreneur.

This requires developing a trading plan based on several rules to follow (such as money management) and to be respected “religiously” even before they operate in the financial markets.

It is therefore recommended that practice upstream on an account demo which allows you to bet virtual money under real market conditions.

This demo account will enable the neophyte trader to practice following the online training he has received and thus test different strategies. Virtual trading makes it possible to improve the “skills” of the investor and to develop a trading plan in an appropriate way.

Once this step is completed, the beginner will be able to operate on a real account to generate profits according to the principles that he has learned in advance on the trading platform.

One thing is certain: trading involves accepting to lose money.

Choose the right trading platform

  • Platform security : the platform must have high-level security processes.
  • Transaction Fees : you must compare the platforms to choose the one that best suits your investor profile.
  • Access facility : is the website or application digitally responsive?
  • Online education : Serious platforms offer free training before they start trading

Avatrade, a platform recognized by AMF and ACPR

Founded in 2006, AvaTrade is one of the best online brokers for beginners who want to get started online trading. In terms of features, this broker offers:

  • Multiple trading platforms;
  • Automated trading;
  • Manual trading;
  • Unique tools.

In addition, it offers a wide range of financial instruments such as:

  • Forex
  • The actions
  • ETFs
  • trade in raw materials
  • CFD stock indices.

If you want to trade on your own or copy the trades of the best traders, the Avatrade site offers you all the different solutions to succeed in your trades according to your temperament.

Of course, at AvaTrade you can open a demo account on the platform to practice trading and improve your skills before doing real trading on the market with your own money.

AvaTrade is a broker present in many countries including France (including DOM-TOM), Canada, Switzerland, Luxembourg, Belgium, Madagascar, Spain, United Kingdom…

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