towards an explosion of fleet premiums for 2023

Important component of TCOI’car insurance experience premium increases every year. According to the latest document published by Amrae in collaboration with Diot-Siaci, an insurance consulting and brokerage group, companies should expect to see this market increase by 5 to 30 % in the coming months. ” After a soft 2022 renewal (low inflation and partial post-Covid recovery), a significant catch-up is expected in 2023write the authors. The trend is therefore still upward in all sectors due toexpected inflation in the cost of material and bodily requirementseven more significantly on the TMP/POS and LCD activities, especially when the contracts are loss-making. “Furthermore, the premium increases are justified bysignificant inflation on spare parts and more generally about the cost of repairs.

That franchise is also progressing. ” With a the expertise limit raised to 650 Euro and an average access ticket for repairs of a similar amount, this sum can become a bottom compared to a basic deductible in damages “, explains Amrae, who expects a strong influence of inflation on broken glass especially. Also, ” old contracts that benefit from particularly low deductibles (less than 500 euros) could be particularly targeted by insurance companies, regardless of their performance “, the report states.

Finally, to conclude, Amrae believes that “ only fleet programs included structured self-insurance schemes (protections, goods, etc.) and with a active prevention policywill be able to withstand this bull market. »

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