Toulouse. Timetables, strong winds, technology… Everything you need to know about the urban cable car

Let’s go for Téléo, the Toulouse cable car! (©Patrice Nin/Toulouse Metropolis)

Admire Toulouse from the sky, all for the price of a metro ticket? This will be possible from Saturday May 14, 2022! The Téléo urban cable car, which connects the Paul Sabatier metro station to the Oncopole, via the Rangueil hospital, will be put into service this Saturday (after the inauguration with the elected officials, Friday May 13) before its commercial launch. , Monday, May 16, 2022.

The longest urban cable car in France

The trip will take 10 minutes. Its average commercial speed will be 20 km/h. It will be the longest urban cable car in France, since that of Brest (Finistere) is 400 meters long. “Toulouse will thus join the closed circle of major cities that have chosen this mode of transport, such as New York, Rio or Barcelona”, welcomes Tisséo, the organizing authority for public transport in our agglomeration.

Each cabin can carry a maximum of 35 people.
Each cabin can carry a maximum of 35 people. (©Tisséo Engineering)

Same price as a metro ticket

Approximately 1,500 passengers can be transported per hour in each direction. Pricing will be the same as for the entire Tisséo network (bus, metro, tram), as well as the timetables (5:30 a.m. to 12:30 a.m. but no extension to 3 a.m. like some evenings for the metro) and a relay car park will be created near the Oncopole. It will be possible to board bicycles in the gondolas.

A cabin every 1’30 minutes

About fifteen gondolas (with a maximum capacity of 35 people per cabin) will circulate on the course with a frequency of one pass every 1 minute 30 in peak hours. For the record, the cabins of the cable car were designed by the designer of Porsche and Maserati: Paolo Pininfarina.

Up to 108 km/h of wind

The Pink City cable car was built by the French equipment manufacturer Poma with the so-called “3S detachable” technology – that is to say with three cables.

When the horizon is clear, you can have a very nice view of the Pyrenees from the Téléo cabins.
When the horizon is clear, you can have a very nice view of the Pyrenees from the Téléo cabins. (©Patrice Nin/Toulouse Metropolis)

Téléo was also designed to work with winds up to 108 km/h. A constraint that has been extensively studied to avoid service interruptions.

“We studied 20 years of weather in Toulouse to assess compatibility. On average, we reach this wind speed two days a year. The statistic is low in terms of risk.”

Jean-Michel LattePresident of Tisséo Collectivités

Teleo is made up of five pylons. Each pylon weighs 450 tons of metal, resting on a structure of 700 tons of concrete. The highest pylon, which measures 70 meters, is located on the west bank of the Garonne, near the Oncopole.

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Cost: more than 80 million euros

On the cost side, Téléo represents an investment of just over 80 million euros, to which it will be necessary to add around 10% “because of the health crisis”, specifies Jean-Michel Lattes. It is necessary to add two million euros per year for maintenance, which will be provided by Poma over 20 years.


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