Togo-Trading affair: One year later, the concerns of the MMLK

The Martin Luther King (MMLK) movement is asking the courts to be diligent in the trading and investment of funds file, which has already lasted a year. It is in a note dated September 22, a copy of which reached the editorial staff of Reading !

TOGO / Case of trading and fund investment companies:

  • A year later, what legal follow-up for promoters and officials in prison?
  • What solution approach for the thousands of subscribers? SEPTEMBER 2021-SEPTEMBER 2022, ONE YEAR LATER!

On September 23 and 24, 2021, there was a wave of arrests and arrests of the promoters and managers of some twenty trading and fund investment companies whose savers numbered in the thousands. The latter, claiming to be victims, believe that they have been defrauded and duped in the procedure for collecting their funds with reimbursements and interest which have never been made as planned for the majority.

This case began by hitting the headlines following the press release from the Minister of Economy and Finance on the illegal exercise of their activities in the field, which they are also accused of. According to the information of which we are aware, between 20 and 30 billion CFA francs have been collected by the proponents of the trading system, but the subscribers have not received anything as reimbursement so far.

On the side of the judicial authorities in charge of the case, nothing seems to filter the fate of the alleged defendants who are still in pre-trial detention while the victims are also awaiting the restitution of their rights. It’s a total blackout and no one knows what’s happening a year later, even though we know that everything is still under investigation.

ONE YEAR later, the Martin Luther King Movement asks the whole chain of institutions that deal with this case to be diligent so that the defendants and the victims are located on their fate.

Lome, September 22, 2022

MMLK/ the voice of the voiceless

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