This phishing campaign impersonates well-known names of victims

A phishing campaign via SMS imitating the websites of large structures and well-known companies is currently raging in France. The most widespread scam at the moment pretends to be Health Insurance and concerns a Vitale card renewal.

It was Damien Bancal, an expert journalist from Zataz, who spotted the scheme. According to his analysis, the cyberattack was very well thought out and prepared because the fake Health Insurance site looks exactly like the real one, reports Phonandroid. The SMS contains a link redirecting to the “” platform.

Beware of questionable text messages

The journalist uncovered the trickery in particular by copying and pasting the text from the website into word processing software. He then realized that all the letters “L” had been replaced by capital “i” in order to trick the cybersecurity tools.

Continuing his research, Damien Bancal then realized that the same hackers had built a similar fraudulent site imitating the Caisse d’Epargne, FNAC, Banque Populaire and even Netflix. So many large companies whose name can push potential customers to act quickly and without caution.

As a reminder, cybersecurity experts recommend to remain vigilant when receiving a suspicious text message or from an unknown number on your phone. Few companies communicate through this medium, and they never request personal data through this medium.

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