This good news that could give a new future to Dogecoin

If you are used to reading the news around Dogecoin, you know that this cryptocurrency suffers from a lack of usefulness. Unlike other cryptos, there has never really been a β€œdog money” project. And yet, things should change!

Elon Musk’s absurd proposal

The richest man in the world is the single historical asset of DogeCoin. He is the one who has made this altcoin rain and shine with tweets since the beginning of 2021. Barely Elon Musk had he bought 9.2% of the shares of Twitter, that he proposed that Premium Twitter Blue subscriptions could be paid for in Doge. Now, at a time when Elon Musk has officially become the owner of the microblogging social network, there is no doubt that this proposal can become reality.

Marc Cuban goes even further with Dogecoin

the Billionaire Mark Cuban, a real influencer on Twitter, came up with a new and even more innovative way to use Doge Coin. Concretely, it is a question of creating a system composed of incentives and financial penalties and based on the judgment of the crowd, to flush out the bots on Twitter. It’s a bit complex but he explains it very well in the tweet below:

We add an optimistic roll up to Doge Everyone puts up 1 doge for unlimited posts. If anyone contests a post and humans confirm it’s spam, they get the spammer’s Doge. Spammer has to post 100x more Doge If it’s not spam, the contestor loses their Doge. DogeDAO FTW! πŸš€πŸš€πŸš€

Thus, it would be a human Twitter account verification system. At a time when this social network is most affected by the presence of bots (some estimates consider that one active account out of 5 would be a bot), the doge coin could be an interesting technological solution.

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As’altcoin investor, when we see this kind of information, we can only agree that dogecoin is a cryptocurrency with a bright future. Even if it was not at all his primary vocation! This is the beginning of a new story for Dogecoin, which we will not fail to chronicle in The Blog!

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