Things are slowing down at Cardano (ADA) – Vasil hard fork postponed

When is the deployment? Cardano (ADA) progress in its projects which aim to improve its scalability. However, the team ofInput Output Global (IOG), the laboratory behind the development of Cardano, accuses of a delay compared to the original schedule.

Cardano upgrade: Vasil lagging behind on the testnet

The IOG team gave news of the hard fork Vasil, in a post from June 20, 2022. Vasil is a network update that will bring pipelining. The latter should increase the scaling capabilities of Cardano.

Vasil’s launch on the blockchain testnet was scheduled for June 20, 2022. However, the IOG team did not proceed with this operation, due to 7 technical bugs. This postponement will result in a delay on the deployment of the hard fork on the mainnet which was scheduled for June 29, 2022.

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A delay certainly, but also progress for the blockchain

The IOG team also gave an update on their technical progress in preparation for the deployment of Vasil on the testnet.

Cardano has notably successfully executed, since the beginning of June 2022, a first version of the new node “as a semi-public test network for Vasil developers (Devnet)”.

This new node includes:

  • the broadcast pipelining : This consensus layer enhancement overlays some of the 6 stages a block goes through when moving on Cardano. This superimposition then facilitates and accelerates the propagation of the blocks. It thus increases the throughput of the network;
  • The new Plutus v2 CIPs : Plutus is Cardano’s smart contract platform. It makes it possible to develop applications that will interact with the blockchain. These Plutus Enhancement Proposals (CIPs) are: CIP-0031, CIP-0032, and CIP-0033. At this point, the team claims to have managed to execute 95% Plutus v2 test scripts. Nevertheless, she would need more time to execute “a few outstanding items” to make sure everything is working as expected.

The IOG team also provided an update on its main partners for testnet upgrade. These partners include 35 developers of 27 projects that test their dApps there and help IOG identify any issues.

Besides, IOG will make the final decision on upgrading the testnet by consulting the network’s developer community. Besides these developers, 16 staking operators pool support the work of the team. IOG engineers also work with tool/API providerssuch as Blockfrost.

the deployment of Vasil on the mainnet will therefore probably be done after the month of June 2022. Some members of the ADA community perceive this caution from the Cardano development team as a lack of efficiency. But this supposed slowness is actually part of the secrets of project success.

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