the vision of the mountain interprofessional union

Unlike the National Union of Mountain Guides (SNGM), the Interprofessional Mountain Union (SIM), which has 300 guides among its members, does not consider itself threatened by the insurance risk. In this forum, Yannick Vallencant, president of the SIM, defends his vision and the “solutions” of his union regarding the insurance of mountain guides.

During a symposium dated June 13, then in an article by Mountains Magazine dated June 22, the National Union of Mountain Guides (SNGM) presents a vision and a situation in terms of insurance for guides which are specific to it and which cannot therefore be extended to the entire profession.

Indeed, the Syndicat Interprofessionnel de la Montagne (SIM) offers its member guides (who now represent some 20% of active guides in France) an alternative and very different perspectives since its creation in 2014.

Pooling and adapted pricing

To the corporatist isolation which has continued to prevail at the SNGM since 1946, the SIM opposes a principle of broad mutualisation which is particularly useful in terms of insurance: at the SIM, the mountain guides share the risks and the insurance with more than 2000 professional sports instructors , from the mountains to the sea, but also with hundreds of thousands of subscribers via MAIF.

This has the double advantage of maximizing the volume of subscriptions and of diluting the risk of the most accident-prone professionals, making the contracts negotiated by the SIM particularly reassuring and attractive for the insurer as for the subscribers. On the other hand, the SIM refuses any profit-sharing in the profits of its insurance contracts and distributes them at cost price, which makes it possible to reduce the costs for the guides.

Moreover, at the SIM, each independent guide or collective structure contributes fairly according to a principle of tariff justice, according to the objective risks of each and the guarantees requested – when the SNGM, for example, prefers to make all the independent guides pay for guarantees which only concern a minority of between them (for example the insurance of company and office structures or the activity of rope access technicians) or which should be borne by the clients of the guides themselves.

Customer acceptance of risk

Finally, in order to reduce the legal and financial risk, the SIM has implemented since 2019 a specific process of informing and accepting the customer on the objective risks of the most accident-prone activities, thus reducing the possibilities of recourse and compensation. abusive in the event of an accident.

Thanks to the consistency of its approach, the SIM has been able since 2014 to offer a range of contracts and extended guarantees, accessible from just €100 for guides in 2022. The SIM is thus experiencing growth of nearly 40 % this year, with more than 1000 members now.

We therefore refuse that a situation and problems that are specific to the SNGM be assimilated to the whole profession of guides, when the latter needs above all, in matters of insurance as elsewhere, clear, transparent and honest information and future solutions.

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