The USA follows the European model and wants a commission to regulate tech firms

In recent times, not a day goes by without a new regulatory project affecting tech companies. Indeed, after a long period without real adaptation of existing standards (some of them more than two centuries in the USA or even in France), regulators in all countries are actively working on the issue.. Thus, Senator Michael Bennet has just presented his Digital Platform Commission Act.

The latter aims to create a federal body empowered to develop comprehensive, sector-specific regulation of digital platformsin order to protect consumers, promote competition and defend the public interest.

The Federal Digital Platform Commission (its small name) would work thanks to expert members (with a mandate) and many tools (resources as sanctions) to develop and implement safeguards in this sector which has been abandoned for too long. It would have full competence to draft its own rules, on topics such as mental health, misinformation or anti-competitive practices. In short, themes that are now covered by the competition division within the European Commission.

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