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Trading CFDs (Contract For Difference) allows you to speculate on the price of assets without owning them. It therefore requires less investment and earns you more through leverage. Before making these speculations, you must work with a broker. It is a facilitator of cryptocurrency exchanges between sellers and buyers while providing them with a number of tools that can help them make the right decisions. The criteria for choosing it can be found here.

Platform offers

To choose your broker, you must take into account the services it offers to make trading easier for you. It should provide you with a number of resources and instruments that can help you better master crypto CFD trading. Also, on its platform, you must find tools that will help you make good technical analyzes like biticodes.

In addition, to prevent you from making certain decisions on the spur of the moment, some platforms have risk management tools. This way, you can trade with peace of mind without being greedy. This will limit your losses and allow you to trade sensibly.

This list is of course not exhaustive. Ideally, you identify the services or tools that you really need. Then you will turn to a broker who can really satisfy you.


Not all brokers are reliable. It is for this reason that it is imperative to only work with a broker who is recognized by the authorities. You will therefore have to use a regulated platform. Turn to those that are regulated by the AMF (the Autorité des Marchés Financiers).

Those with CySEC (Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission) certification are also reliable. The same applies to those regulated by the FCA (Financial ConductAuthority). By opting for one of these platforms, you will know who you will contact in the event of a dispute. In this way, you can make your investments with peace of mind.


You will also need to consider the security that the cryptocurrency broker guarantees. The platform must inevitably meet the criteria of SSL (Secure Socket Layer). In addition to this, your funds must be insured. It is desirable that the site devotes a budget that will cover you when it suffers a cyberattack. In addition, the ideal would be to work with a broker who stores your funds offline, in a cold wallet. This way, cybercriminals will not be able to access it.

The reputation of the broker

If you can, do not bet on platforms that have just emerged, because they do not yet have real experience in the industry. The trading world is too risky and even brokers can disappear from the market faster if they don’t implement the right strategies.

Reputation is built on experience. It is over the years that the broker will be able to make a name for itself in the field. To be sure that it has a good reputation, you only have to consult the opinions of its users. The number of people who trust him is also an indicator that you will have to consider.


Thanks to the leverage effect, you can trade with a sum larger than your capital. This multiplier will earn you more money. This feature allows you to borrow from your cryptocurrency broker via CFDs (Contract for Difference). They allow you to speculate on the price movements of cryptocurrency assets up to more than 100 times the amount of your capital. It is therefore important that this is available on the platform.

Fees and minimum capital required

Here you will have to make a comparison between several cryptocurrency brokers. Naturally, you will turn to brokers who offer reduced rates or those whose commissions are lower. This way, your business will be more profitable for you. The minimum capital required can be a blockage for some.

After having taken into account all the criteria which have just been developed, choose a broker whose minimum amount to be paid is lower. Finally, it is best to work with a cryptocurrency broker that offers a payment method that will make transactions easier for you.

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