the inhabitants of the Villejean district want to keep the Health Insurance branch

Action punch, this Thursday morning, of about twenty inhabitants of the Villejean district, in Rennes. They invaded a meeting of the regional health agency, to oppose the closure of the branch of the CPAM, the Health Insurance. Since the beginning of May, it has been closed after an attack. Earlier already, the reception had been reserved for Ukrainians fleeing the war and even before, the site had again been closed for security reasons, which makes the collective say that the site is threatened. “This CPAM is absolutely necessary in Villejean”insists Marie-Annick, a volunteer with the association If we allied. “You have to think about the people who can’t get around, the people who can’t go digital. We’ve been fighting for five years and we’ve had meetings, negotiations. We’re walked around, we’re told yes , we are made promises. It opened, but it closed. There is always an excuse to close the CPAM.

“I have parents who have health concerns, so it’s really complicated for them to get around already. So I have to go for them, the same for the internet, it’s complicated“, adds ClĂ©ment. He also lives in the neighborhood and is a member of the association. “It’s more than 1000 people who don’t have access to their rights, it’s really a big problem. They promised to reopen, except that in the end, it’s just empty promises and we, we didn’t do anything behind it. There, they said they were insecure, but it’s just a pretext because the closure has been planned since before there was any damage.”

“Health insurance will remain present in the district”

An argument that sweeps away Jean-Baptiste Calcoen, the director of the CPAM of Ille et Vilaine, who received a delegation of demonstrators. “Lhe orientation is clear, the Health Insurance will remain present in the district, under conditions and in premises which remain to be defined since our current premises, which have been closed for security reasons, cannot reopen under these conditions, especially since work is planned in the tower that accommodates us today and that as director of the primary health insurance fund, I am also responsible for the safety of the reception agents who provide reception policyholders, so this is also a point on which I will be very vigilant.”

New meeting at the beginning of July

The director acknowledges that many points still need to be clarified. “We don’t know yet where or when. The subject of the premises is obviously the most important subject. Ideally for us, including for security reasons that I mentioned, we would obviously be very interested in relocating to a structure that already accommodates other public services. There are some in the Villejean district.” A new meeting is scheduled for July 5.

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