the images of the cyclone bomb that killed at least 32 people

On the edge of Lake Erie, in the state of New York, houses are completely covered in stalactites of ice. The lake itself begins to freeze. In Florida, frozen iguanas fall from trees. The winter storm that has swept across the central and eastern United States since December 21 is freezing everything in its path.

Will we ever be able to truly control the weather?

Snowfall, freezing wind gusts and temperatures down to -48°C, this storm of rare intensity has already caused the death of at least 32 people and deprived tens of thousands of homes of electricity.

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A return to normal within days

On the roads of New York state, police patrols in search of blocked vehicles have found themselves paralyzed by the blizzard.

On social networks, Americans are sharing photos of this unusual episode, some stuck in their cars, others sheltered in their homes, but experiencing freezing temperatures.

According to the US Weather Service, a return to more seasonally normal temperatures is expected by mid-week.

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