the Health Insurance site was hacked, the data of 1 million French people on sale

Health Insurance is the victim of a new mass hack. According to a survey by ZATAZ, more than a million French people now see their personal data for sale on the web for the modest sum of 6000 dollars. According to cyber security experts, it is likely that the hacker got their credentials through a phishing campaign.

Decidedly, the health insurance can not get rid of hackers. It must be said that the loot is juicy: tens of millions of accounts containing particularly sensitive medical data, there is enough to turn the heads of unscrupulous individuals. Unfortunately, it is not uncommon for them to discover a flaw in its Ameli platform, visibly numerous, which allows access to the Grail.

Our colleagues from ZATAZ, who specialize in cybersecurity, therefore regularly monitor the activity of the site, and discovered this week an unpleasant offer on the hacker forums. Indeed, the media reports that a hacker is currently selling a huge database containing 1 million identifiers and passwords for the Ameli platform. It is also not very demanding, since the selling price is 6000 dollars, or about 5700 euros.

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1 million French people have had their medical data stolen

Not very demanding, but also not very boastful, because the hacker does not say anything about the method used to collect these identifiers. ZATAZ, for its part, is leaning towards a large-scale phishing campaign, which would make it possible to recover this quantity of passwords in no time, especially since the user population of Ameli is very varied. Note also that last March, Health Insurance admitted to having leaked the data of 510,000 French people.

Unfortunately, there is therefore not much more to do to guard against this attack. However, it costs nothing to change your password and to be on the lookout for any strange activity on your account. Meanwhile, let’s hope that the Health Insurance will strengthen the security of its platform, which contains a very large amount of sensitive information.

Source: ZATAZ

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